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Chelti Premium Winery

Chelti Winery takes us on a storied journey that flows through one of Georgia’s warmest appellations, rewarding the traveler with powerful and historic experiences of Georgian winemaking culture along with breathtaking views of the Kakhetian Slopes and Caucasus Mountains.

Place to enjoy the finest vintages of world’s oldest wine-making country nested the heart of Kakheti and dine in our restaurant that combines traditional Kakhetian style cuisine combined with European dishes to offer a unique gastronomic experience of Georgia.

At Chelti, it is our mission as a family-owned business is to provide our customers with delicious, award-winning, quality wines that are all hand-crafted locally. We provide an unparalleled selection of wines with something to satisfy every palate, from unique, to traditional white and red varietals and more! Our ultimate goal is for Chelti Winery customers to hold us close to their hearts as the best, most memorable winery they have ever crossed paths with.

Family-owned Authentic Premium Winery

At Chelti, we excel at making premium wine … .

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Wines for any Taste and Cuisine

At Chelti, we offer a wide variety of wines that fits every taste and every meal.


8000 Years of Georgian Wine-making

At Chelti, we preserve the unique Georgian Wine-making traditions and pair them with technologies of tomorrow. .